It has been brought to our attention that there have been several recent attempts to impersonate Grace Financial Limited over email. These fraudulent emails may be from domain “” or other recognizable email provider domains. We have not authorized such emails. The domain “” is not the domain from our company .

If you ever receive an e-mail allegedly from Grace Financial Limited asking for meeting and/or any personal / sensitive information, you should NOT RESPOND TO IT AND NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY BY EMAIL AT ENQUIRY@GRACEFINANCIALLTD.COM OR BY PHONE AT (852) 3965-7377. Do not open any attachments or click on any links within the email as they may be compromised.


Welcome to the Grace Financial Website

Grace Financial is a Multi Family Office capable of providing assistance to high net-worth families in all aspects of life, from defining purpose, to executing sophisticated plans encompassing investments management and advice on a discretionary basis, estate-planning and family management - sourcing external specialist advice where necessary.

We are a growing community. In common, we have the desire to learn and improve continuously, to purposefully provide for the future, and to benefit others through highly-targeted philanthropic endeavors.